Tribhum of World

The Magic Forest World

 The empire of all wild plants, created by the Tree of Truth, the Magic Forest is the largest forest in Tribhum with its territory stretching from the Silver Mountain to the Underwater World. The Tree of Truth also keeps the equilibrium between the forest’s natural abundance and its magical creatures such as Kochasi, who protects other animals with their massive vigor; Giant Marees, the giant deer that has been cursed into stone eternally; Kinnaree, the Great Garuda’s underlings who love to bath in the Magic Pond; Bhayak Ventai, the hunter of the forest who keeps hunting those Kinnarees; Vanekampu, a swarm of monkeys who watches over and signals others of danger; Winged Horse, who protects and helps dissolve the Wild Illusion’s spell; Mayura Ventai, the beauty of the Magic Forest; and Kanthima, the guardian bird who protects the Dimension Time Gate.
 To help protect the Magic Forest from invaders, The Tree of Truth also creates several magic plants such as Makalee, the tree that lures invaders with its magical look-like-female fruits; the talkative and boastful Talking Tree; the Blood Flower Cave, the guardian of the Magic Forest and the Wild Illusion, the last fortress of illusion. No wonder how difficult it is for anyone to escape from the Magic Forest!

The Silver Mountain World

 High and enormous, the Silver Mountain is situated in the heart of Tribhum. The silver crystal on its surface shines bright and empowers all the birds with magic power. Deep inside, the mountain has boiling red lava stream running in the rocks. The Silver Mountain is home of the Great Garuda, the King of Birds. When you enter into the Silver Mountain, you will find the amazing Garuda Castle. One path leads to the Demon Maze, a hazardous land where only a handful people visit and come back alive. At the top of the Silver Mountain is the Crystal Path that rises to the sky.

The Underwater World

 One of the magical Tribhum worlds, the Underwater World is the Naga Empire ruled by the King of Nagas. To get into the Underwater World, one has to sneak in with the help of a magic vehicle, Matsaya Sindhu, a magical fish with dragon head and face. Matsaya Sindhu lives in the stream at the entrance of the cave that leads to the Underwater World. Along the way to the Naga Empire, you will find the astounding beauty of the Fireflies Trees, and the Glowing Forest, confront with the wild attendants of the King of Nagas, dive down to the ocean bed, thrillingly encounter with Anond, the mysterious giant fish and take the adventure beyond imagination in the Underwater World.
 Experience the most fantastic journey beneath the sea. Take a dive guided by the beautiful mermaid and enjoy the spectacular beauty of colorful water plants and a variety of sea lives. Breathless with excitement when reaching the deepest part of the ocean where no one dares to come, the forbidden Underwater World. It is here that the holy grail of the elixir water is kept! Witness the frightening battle between nagas in their scrambling to become the King of the Underwater World. Be challenged with the adventurous journey and help unlock the secret of the ocean within the mythical Underwater World.
ONE drop of elixir water Upon TWO legendary supreme deities In THREE magnificent and mysterious lands Towards a challenging adventure for immortality