The Beginning of Tribhum

 has the potential of tourism resources, especially marine tourism and culture. Each year, a massive number of tourists are flooded in and it is likely to increase continuously every year. According to the “Thailand 4.0” policy, the government has continued to promote Thai tourism industry by focusing on the addition of new value called “New Creative Destination” in regard to respond to the changing form of tourism. Additionally, it can be expanded from the existing nature tourism to increase value through tourism activities so as to increase competitiveness with other countries through our unique natural attractions.
 CPN (Central Pattana Public Company Limited), a global leader in retail property development which is the largest and most modern in Thailand, has joined forces with RIGHT MAN, a specialist in creative design and world-class innovation for Creative Event & Theme Park, to create the mega project "Tribhum" on the site with the biggest potential in Phuket as a new "Creative Destination". Designed to welcome tourists from all corners of the world, “Tribhum” emphasizes an adventurous travel in the mystical realm of Thai (Siamese) legendary story, fusing with modern fantasy techniques that have never happened before in Thailand. Further, “Tribhum” is also the 3D Walkthrough Adventure Theme Park created for the first time in the world.