What is

Guest Services

Take your adventure to the max! We prepare these services for you.

  • Grab & Go

    • The best menus from the most popular restaurants in Phuket are waiting to freshen up and energize you. Drinks, snacks, main dishes,and special Tribhum menu are not to be missed.

  • Tribhum Souvenir Shop

    • Why not take home a memory of your fantastic adventure here with Tribhum’s original merchandise and a wide range of souvenirs at Tribhum Souvenir Shop and Kiosks.

  • Locker Service

    • Don’t let your belongings prevent you from the heart-pounding adventure. Leave them at our Locker Service and let’s go!

  • Lost & Found Center

    • If you lose something, contact our Lost & Found Center.

  • Wheelchair Route

    • We do care for the elderly, children and people with special needs who love adventure. Wheelchair Route is provided for your convenience in exploring the three zones. For your safety, please check with our staff or the provided instructions as some attractions are not appropriate for the elderly, expectant mothers, children, or persons with some specific physical disability or health conditions

  • Wheelchairs Service

    • Wheelchairs service is available for older adventurers to enjoy exploring in all zones.

  • Playground

    • Not every zone is adventurous. We have a fun and friendly playground for little kids who need close supervision.

  • Rest Area

    • Hidden in the Magic Forest, a relaxing Rest Area gives you a break under green shades and a wonderful waterfall.

  • First Aid & Emergency

    • In case of emergency, our First Aid & Emergency room is ready to help. Contact the nearest staff when you don’t feel well or have an accident. Our mobile emergency unit can also reach you in no time and take you to the nearest hospital.

  • Free WIFI

    • Deep inside the forest, even magical power cannot prevent you from WiFi connection! Enjoy your adventure while staying connected.

  • Restrooms

    • Restrooms are available for all adventurers, including young children and persons who need assistance.