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 For thousands of years, the legend of two mythical races, Garuda and Naga has been existing in ancient cultures across the world. The people in Suvarnabhumi countries including Thailand also inherit the belief of the magical power of the Great Garuda and the King of Nagas and a tale of the mythical land where humans and animals could not reach. Are they the real creatures? Find the answer by yourself!
 The story started when all deities were gathering, at the auspicious time, to make the elixir water (the water of immortality). Suddenly one drop of the elixir water fell to the Earth resulted in the opening of the secret dimension passage between the Earth and the mythical land called “the Magic Forest,” the habitat of all beyond-ordinary creatures. At the center of the Magic Forest is “the Tree of Truth,” the keeper of the forest’s equilibrium, who cast a magic spell to hide the Magic Forest from invaders. When a drop of elixir water spilled on, the Tree of Truth conjured up a holy grail to save it. Unfortunately, this act had been heard by the two powerful deities: the Great Garuda, King of Birds, and the King of Nagas, the Ruler of the Underwater Empire. The battle for immortality began. Magical livings, hermits, and even humans all joined in with the same quest: to fight for the elixir water and become immortal. And the battle turned into the Epic War called “Tribhum, The Mystical Three Worlds.”