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 Welcome to Tribhum “the Three Mystical Worlds”, the new Walkthrough Adventure Theme Park loaded with fantastic world-class attractions for your thrilling experience. Tribhum is the world’s first-ever theme park that combines a famous Asian legend with creative storytelling, and professionally-designed, superb, virtual 3D-interactive technology. Discover the beyond-imaginary Magic Forest that is waiting for adventurers to explore its territory. Join in on the adventurous search for the elixir of immortality. Be challenged to pass through many dangerous areas of the three Mystical Worlds and come out alive! Tribhum is poised to become Thailand’s new must-see destination and a new landmark of Phuket.
แผนผัง สวนสนุก ไตรภูมิ Attraction Phuket
The Magic Forest World
  • Take a journey through many mysterious areas in the enchanted Magic Forest.

  • The Fortress of Charming Illusion

    • At the forefront of the Magic Forest are the Makalee trees, whose flower blossom looks like a charming lady. Invaders will be lured by their enchanted dance.

  • Activity: Turn to Stone

    • To pass through the “Vanekampoo Monkey” zone and enjoy the playfulness of these half-monkey, half-oyster animals, you must stay still or move silently to escape from their sharp eyesight. If they spot you, they will roar to signal to other animals in Tribhum.

  • The Fortress of Voice Illusion

    • You may find speaking to the Talking Tree so entertaining that you forget how much time has passed! Be amazed at how it changes your voice into different voices of Tribhum’s plants.

  • The Fortress of Touch Illusion

    • See how you can survive from deadly poisonous flowers in the Blood Flower Cave. Don’t try to touch them; you have been warned!

  • An Encounter with The Tree of Truth

    • Under the supernatural power of Tribhum, the Tree of Truth will help identify who you are, which race in Tribhum you belong to, and then transform you into a Tribhum creature!

  • Magic Pond

    • Hide close to the pond and wait to catch a glimpse of a Kinnaree, the most beautiful creature in all of Tribhum. Once a year, they will fly from Silver Mountain to bath in the Magic Pond. And if luck is on your side, you will even see them with other magical animals around the pond.

  • The Fortress of Greed Illusion

    • In the last fortress of the Magic Forest, the icy Wild Illusion welcomes brave adventurers with its compelling magic illusions from the mirrored walls of the gigantic pyramid. To break this illusive spell, you’ll have to join hands with others to help wake up the Winged Horse’s power.

The Silver Mountain World
  • Silver Glider

    • Experience an exhilarating ride four-stories high and over 200 meters with the Silver Glider, a world-class extreme glider driven with the latest in gravity technology and highest safety standards. An ultimate thrill at the speed of over 45 km./hr.!

  • Garuda Dome

    • From a gigantic dome screen, fill your eyes with picturesque Hollywood-style animation, created by Thai animators. Become immersed in a virtual world and find yourself in the middle of an intense battle for the elixir of immortality.

  • Crystal Path

    • Test your guts on the Silver Mountain’s Crystal Path. Experience the thrill of walking on a clear glass skywalk 60 meters long and over 20 meters high.

  • Demon Maze

    • Once inside this 500-square-meter Demon Maze, you will be hunted by thirsty demons. Be prepared to run from a deadly chase while you try to find an exit or else, you may be trapped here forever!

The Underwater World
  • The Adventure Cruise

    • Cruise along a secret passage that opens up to the Underwater World. Be amazed at the mythical creatures that are attendants of the Naga King.Dive down the path to the adventurous Underwater World and explore the mysterious giant fish from inside!

  • SPECIAL! The Thousand-Firefly Tunnel

    • In this groundbreaking technological and engineering marvel, enjoy the spectacular sight of thousands of real-life fireflies lighting up over a darkened waterway. Be sure not to miss this one: this is the first and only show of its kind!

  • 4D Flying Theater

    • Immerse yourself in an imaginary world with stunning 4D animation. Experience the thrill of flying in the first ultimate flying theater at 7-meters high. Join us, and forget any other 3D or 4D experience you have ever seen!