What is

Safety and Enjoyment

To stay safe and happy throughout the three worlds of Tribhum, please strictly follow our instructions.

  • All bags and clothing may be subject to security checks at the Park entrances.

  • Please contact a nearby staff if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

  • Who can enjoy attractions

    • Adventurous-mind people who love fantasy, regardless of your age, gender and race. Children under 13 years old must have supervision by adult aged over 20 years old.

    • The elderly and persons who need assistance. Please check out for Wheelchair Route and player’s restriction in some attractions.

  • Instructions

    • Children must be supervised at all times.

    • Attractions and entertainment programs may be temporarily suspended or canceled without prior notice.

    • Food and Drinks from outside are not allowed.

    • Pets, except Assistance Dogs, are not allowed inside the Park.

    • Food and drinks are not permitted in some attractions and entertainment venues.

    • Please do not use mobile phones inside attractions or anywhere that may disturb other guests.

    • No smoking, intoxicated drinks and addictions of all kinds are prohibited.

    • Do not bring the followings into the Park

      • Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, lighters, and flammable objects

      • Alcoholic beverages and all kinds of addictions

      • Drinks in cans or glass bottles

      • Suitcases or wheeled carriers, oversized bags

      • All kind of trolley except wheelchair and strollers up to 92 cm x 132 cm

      • Weapons, knives, explosives, and other hazardous materials (including imitation items), and items that may harm other guests

      • Drones and other control devices

      • Tripod, folding chairs and benches

      • All wheeled recreational vehicles include skateboards, inline skates, and roller shoes

      • Any other items that may harm and annoy others or prevent our staff from performing their duties

    • Guests are not allowed to

      • Take still photo, video or recording voice for commercial purpose, except for personal use or only when permission is granted

      • Sell or display items for sale

      • Exchange, sell or buy tickets among guests

      • Display, demonstrate or explain, or use banner or other materials to attract other guests’ attention or arrange other public gatherings, except when permission is granted.

      • Distribute any type of fliers, publications or audio-visual media

      • Do things that are unsafe, climb or hang from decorations or fences

      • Do things that may impede the Park’s staff members and operations

      • For your safety, do not run.

    • Please show good manner to other visitors and staff members. Do not use inappropriate words or expressions, or show off malicious, illegal, aggressive, harassing behavior.

    • Please respect the other visitors' rights. Do not push, pull, or cut in line. If you are a group, stay with the group and do not jump the queue.

    • Please dress properly. We reserve the right to refuse access to the theme park in case guests do not dress properly or disturb other guests.

    • The Park reserves the right to change these rules: park or attractions opening and close time, partially close the park for a temporary period, limit the number of guests, and/or cancel any attractions or entertainment programs due to the park’s capacity, weather condition or other activities for your safety, security and order without prior notice. Guests cannot ask for refund or compensation in all cases.

    • The Park shall not be responsible for loss or damage of guests’ assets no matter if the damage or loss is caused by carelessness by guests or the park.

    • We reserve the right not to allow a guest to enter into the park, or ask the person to leave the park without refund or compensation if the guest does not follow the rules and instruction, or does not behave properly, such as taking risky, illegal, impolite and rude actions. We also reserve the right to take appropriate and necessary action for the security, safety, and order of the park.

    • Phenomenon Creation Co., Ltd. and its affiliates cannot be held responsible for accidents caused by guest negligence, except in cases where there is a legal obligation for compensation.

  • Restrictions in Some Attractions

    • Silver Glider

      Young children and persons who are below 120 cm height, persons with heart conditions, and blood pressure, and expectant mothers are not allowed to play.
    • Adventure Cruise and Demon Maze

      Guests who use wheelchairs are not allowed to use Adventure Cruise and Demon Maze.
    • Crystal Path

      Guests with acrophobia (fear of height) should not use Crystal Path. Guests should wear the provided socks.
    • 4D Flying Theater

      Not allowed for children whose height is below 120 cm.