What is


Mechanism Thai Art Featured with Multimedia in the series of Naga conquers Demon

 get amazed by the live performance in Applied Thai Art, combined with mechanical puppetry and Projection Mapping technique, which is projected on a giant mountain and presents stories inspired by myths and beliefs that entertain and attract audiences to the fantasy world at the ANODARD EXTREME THEATER.

Fusion Dance in the series of Makalee flower show

 derived from a myth in the forest of an eccentric flower that grows and turns into a young woman enchanting hunters and gandharvas of the mysterious world becomes the performance which creates enjoyment and captures everyone's attention at the entrance to the magic forest.

Thai Dramatic Dance in the series of Kinnaree show

 the beautiful dancing performance from the half-bird, half-human creature who was blessed from the gold leaf and became the one who is desired by hunters at Neeraburapha Waterfall

Remark: Showtimes may be changed depending on the weather or unexpected circumstance. For more information, please ask the staff nearby.