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Makalee Flower Dance Venue: Makkalee Tree

 Be enchanted by a mesmerizing dance performed by the most amazing flowers in the three worlds. See how their flower blossoms turn into beautiful ladies, and how they use their magical charms to lure nearby adventurers and entrap them in the Magic Forest, forever.

Kinnaree Show Venue: The Magic Pond: the Oasis of the Magic Forest

 Enjoy a lively and colorful show by the Magic Forest’s creatures. This show shares a happy moment when the forest animals gain magical powers from eating the tree’s golden leaves, and when the Kinnareesfly down to the pond to take a bath. But, as no place is safe, beware of the hunter from above!

Magical Animals around the Magic Pond

 Many kinds of magical animals live around the Magic Pond such as Khonthan “a cross between a human and a tree”, a musician who plays music to welcome Kinnarees; Kumpee Nimit “a half-human-half-crocodile being”, and Dhepnorasi “a half- human-half-lion being”*, both sing and dance to entertain all living creatures in the Magic Forest. These magical animals always welcome Kinnarees whenever they fly in for bathing in order to pay back for the magical power received from them.

Remark: Showtimes may be changed depending on the weather or unexpected circumstance. For more information, please ask the staff nearby.