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  • Weather condition

    • With a tropical monsoonal climate, Phuket is warm and humid all year round with two seasons

    • Hot season starts from November to April

    • Monsoon season starts from May to October

    • Maximum temperature is 33.4 °C.and rises in March

    • Minimum temperature is 22 ° January

  • The best weather

    • is from November to April when the sky is blue and clear,andthe average temperature is 31°C. In the monsoon season, the sea is very rough and strong. Some beaches can be very dangerous. When you see a red flag flying on the beach, do not swim or stay on the beach.

  • Theme Park adventure is good in any season

    • TribhumTheme Park offers a wonderful time for adventurers regardless of seasons and weather. Both indoor and outdoor adventures are waiting to spice up your holiday every day. Don’t forget a hat, sunblock, and a raincoat (umbrella is not recommended) when you take an adventure here. To check the weather forecast, click here.